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Posted on January 4, 2013 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (2)

There seem to be an awful lot of silly people around that are so full of their own importance that they forget to check their facts before mouthing off!

Firstly, I think that you will find that the Plough was bought by the same pub co that owns the Star, not that it really matters!

Secondly, Where do all these idiots get the idea, no, the certain coviction ,that I hate all camra members? Camra is like all large groups of people - some good and some bad. I do object to people coming into my home telling me how I should do things, if they want it all done their way they must buy their own pub, all of these people have never run a pub and only ever stood their side of the bar (very different!) but not all of them are camra members.

I do have a problem with certain camra members who get the arse because they have been caught out advertising cheap tesco beer on a camra website and have had their knuckles rapped so start up some pathetic vendictive little campane against my pub, fortunatly there are only two of them and in fact, if anything, it has been good for trade!

I do have an issue with bite contributers who do not have the balls to slag me or my pub off to my face, spineless wimps who hide behind rediculous psudonyms and presumably know how to do everything better than me! The only thing I can say to them is if you think the place so awful why oh why do you come in? One presumes that you do and are not just guessing what you might not like about the place. If you were ever brave enough to make yourselves known you wouldn't be coming in again!

Finally, we do keep a good selection of real ales (too many for any of them to be any good - aparently) Very occasionally someone may get the end of a cask which may be less than perfect - I know this because they politely say and it is replaced for them. I can not believe that someone who can be so vendictive on an anonymous web site does not have the manners, sence, courage to say at the time if they are unhappy with a beer and there by getting a replacement - so next time you come in and I seem to appear out of sorts just ask yourself who I have just had to tollerate before you came in! :)